Leadership Council

For almost forty years Chuck Smith served the Lord and served the Body of Christ around the world. Chuck has passed on the leadership of the Calvary Chapel ministries over to a team of men that had been working with him for many years.

We covet your prayers that the Lord’s hand will truly be upon us and that we too will serve the Lord and the Body of Christ. This is a process that Chuck and these men believe to be of the Lord. We are dearly seeking the Lord for His love, wisdom, grace and blessing as we seek to follow Him.

Here are the men on the council:

Pastor Skip Heitzig
Calvary of Albuquerque

Pastor Rick Ryan
Kumulani Chapel

Pastor Raul Ries
Calvary Chapel Golden Springs

Pastor Mike MacIntosh
Horizon Christian Fellowship

Pastor Don McClure
Calvary Way

Pastor Joe Focht
Calvary Chape of Philadelphia

Pastor Sandy Adams
Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain

Pastor Bob Caldwell
Calvary Chapel Boise

Pastor Jack Hibbs
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Pastor Brian Brodersen
Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Pastor David Rosales
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

Pastor Malcolm Wild
Calvary Chapel Merritt Island


Pastor Jeff Johnson
Calvary Chapel Downey

Pastor Bill Stonebraker
Calvary Chapel Honolulu

Pastor Wayne Taylor
Calvary Fellowship

Pastor Tom Stipe
Crossroads Church of Denver

Pastor David Guzik
Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara

Pastor Ray Bentley
Maranatha Chapel

Pastor Lloyd Pulley
Calvary Chapel Old Bridge